Custom Orders

All custom frame bags are made to the specifications provided by you on your template. All materials are water repellent including zippers and internal linings. Fabric choices include the following: Cordura 500D, 1000D, X-Pac VX42, VX21, and VX07. Most colors are stocked or can be special ordered to create your bag’s unique color combo. For a small additional fee, you can customize any of the standard accessory bags (BarBar Bag, Snack Sacks, Top Tube Bags, Camera Bags...) using any of the in-stock fabric colors.

All custom orders require prepayment. Go to the Store tab and proceed through the check-out process. Upon completion of your order you will receive a copy of your receipt. Mail your custom order template (instructions below) with a copy of your receipt to the address provided on the receipt. Once your order is received I will contact you by either email or telephone to discuss fabric, thread and lining color options.

Template Directions


Photo Template(Preferred method)

  • Grab your camera(not a phone) and set it to the highest resolution.
  • Find a wall that will have a nice contrast against the frame color. Set your bikes bars against the wall so that the bike is as vertical as possible and both wheels are roughly the same distance from the wall.
  • Take a yard stick or tape measure (flexible tape works best) and either clamp or tape it to the frames top tube or have an assistant hold it in a way so that it doesn't block the frames triangle. Make sure to not have a twist in the tape measure and that no light is reflecting on the tape.
  • Sit on the floor roughly centered in the triangle vertically and horizontally. Make sure that you are far enough back that both wheels are in the photo. Take a couple pictures to make sure the bike is in focus.
  • Upload the Picture to your computer and blow it up to make sure the marks on the tape measure can be seem at close to life size.
  • Email the picture to with Photo Template in the subject. It may be necessary to send the file in a google drive or drop box to maintain the file size.
  • See example below for reference



Hard  Template

  • Tape (or hold) a piece of stiff paper, cardboard, or poster board against your bike frame.
  • Using a pen, pencil, or thin marker trace the opening of your frame onto the paper, cardboard, or poster board making sure to get as close to the frame as possible. On the template mark any items that will be in contact with the bag or straps including cable stops, front derailleur clamp, bottle cage bolts, etc.
  • Measure the tube width and write it on the template.
  • Cut out the template and hold it up to the frame to make sure it fits in the frame opening. For partial bags allow 1" above your water bottles if you are using standard cages. Make any adjustments before finalizing your template and mail it in with your receipt.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by clicking the Contact tab on this site.

Andrew “The Maker” Wiloid

Here is an example of how the picture should look.

RSD smaller.jpg